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Atmospheric Ionizing Radiation from Galactic and Solar Cosmic Rays

Current Topics in Ionizing Radiation Research, ISBN: 978-953-51-0196-3, Mar 2011 Mar 2011
Influence of Space Weather on Aircraft Ionizing Radiation Exposure AIAA-2008-463-638.pdf Jan 2008
NAIRAS Operations Report 1 SET_report_1.pdf Aug 2008
I/O Requirments and Data Definitions NAIRAS_data.pdf Dec 2008
NAIRAS Quarterly Report, 4th Quarter 2008 nairas_4thquarter_2008.pdf Feb 2009
Development of Nowcast of Atmospheric Ionizing Radiation for Aviation Safety (NAIRAS) model AIAA-2009-3633-978.pdf Jun 2009
Increased frequency of chromosome translocations in airline pilots with long-term flying experience Yong_OEM2009.pdf Dec 2008
Operational Space Weather Entering a New Era SWQ_SWC.pdf Oct 2009
Cosmic Ray Atmospheric Transport and Dosimetry (Tutorial - 12 MB) Mertens_ERCA_2010_Cosmic.pdf Feb 2010
Introduction to Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of the Magnetoshere (Tutorial - 4MB) mhd_intro.pdf Feb 2010
Solar energetic particle cutoff variations during the 28-31 October 2003 geomagnetic storm Kress_HalloweenCutoff.pdf Mar 2010
Geomagnetic influence on aircraft radiation exposure during a solar energetic particle event in October 2003 Mertens_HalloweenDose.pdf Apr 2010
NAIRAS Annual Report 2009 nairas_annual_2009.pdf May 2010
Nowcast of Atmospheric Ionizing Radiation for Aviation Safety (NASA Headquarters Brief) NAIRAS_HQBrief_Nov2010.pdf Nov 2010
World Health Organization: Cosmic Radiation and Air Travel WHO_Info_Sheet_Cosmic_Radiation.pdf Nov 2005
What Aircrews Should Know About Their Occupational Exposure to Ionizing Radiation Radiation_Aircrews.pdf Oct 2003