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Jacchia-Bowman 2008 (JB2008) Thermospheric Density Model

Jacchia-Bowman 2008 (JB2008) Thermospheric Density Model

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  • Model Fortran 77 code
  • Includes code files, python wrapper, and README.
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Model Validation

Test JB2008 model implementation accuracy on your system by running this test case and comparing to provided output data.

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Other Ways to Run JB2008

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Space weather indices are provided here with a 45-day lag between the current day-of-year (DOY). The operational, real-time space weather indices can be requested via UDL.

Note: JB2008 uses the hourly Dst values during moderate to high geomagnetic activity, and the 3-hour Ap values during low to no storm activity.

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Input File Formats

This document provides the file format description of each JB2008 input file.