SET Space Weather: Current and Forecast Conditions


Space Weather Now
Current Galactic Conditions
Lomnicky Neutron Monitor, normalized to 100% level reached in September 1986
Univ. of Oulu Neutron Monitor, adjusted for atmospheric pressure
IEP SAS Neutrons Moscow Neutrons
Neutron Monitor at Lomnický štít is supported by the IEP SAS in Košice and by Slovak grant agency APVV, project no. 51-053805VEGA The Oulu neutron monitor data is graciously provided in near real-time by the Oulu Cosmic Ray Station of the Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory, University of Oulu, Finland. All inquiries about the data should be addressed to Dr. I. Usoskin (
Space Weather Forecasts
Solar Xrays
Xrays: Recent, Current, and Flare Evolution Prediction
Flare Forecast Flare prediction
Data Files
Xrays: Flares Outlooks
4 week forecast 18 week flare outlook
Data Files
Solar Indices
Current GOES-15 EUVE Lya (Beta version)
GOES_EUVE_reported.dat.txt | eve_Lya_1d.pp.txt | euve_Lya.1m.1d.pp.jpg | compare_euve_lya_mg2.jpg | compare_euve_eve_lya.jpg
Current S10 Indices (Beta version)
eve_S10equiv_current.txt | EVE_L3_merged_dwnld.jpg | eve_s10_reported.dat.txt | Compare_megsS10_MgII.jpg
Compare_megsS10_MgII.txt | Compare_megsS10_eveLya.jpg | Compare_megsS10_eveLya.txt |

s10_ops_postProcessed.dat.txt | s10_ops_postProcessed.dat.jpg | s10_ops_composite.dat.txt | s10_ops_composite.dat.jpg

Recent and Forecast F10.7
F10 Forecast
Data Files
Recent and Forecast E10.7, F10.7
Forecast Compare
Data Files
ADAPT F107 Forecasts: SET operations prototype
Downloaded adapt_f107_forecast.txt
Issued Reported_adapt_f107_0d.txt
Issued Reported_adapt_f107_1d.txt
Issued Reported_adapt_f107_3d.txt
Issued Reported_adapt_f107_7d.txt
Historical Reported_penticton_f107.txt
Historical adapt_Daily_F10.txt
Historical adapt_fcasts_F10.jpg

ADAPT Credits

This work utilizes data produced collaboratively between Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the National Solar Observatory (NSO). The ADAPT model development is supported by AFRL and Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR). The input data utilized by ADAPT is obtained by NSO/NISP (NSO Integrated Synoptic Program). NSO is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA), Inc., under a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation (NSF). The 10.7 cm solar radio flux data service, utilized by the ADAPT F10.7 forecasting model, is operated by the National Research Council of Canada and National Resources Canada, with the support of the Canadian Space Agency.

POC: Dr. C. J. Henney (AFRL)
POC email:



LEO Thermospheric Densities
JB2008 Densities and Temperatures 120-1500 km
JB2008 JB2008 Temperature
Data Files
Communication Alert and Prediction System
Current global radio availability conditions
Current global IFM Total Electron Content
Global Radio Conditions Global TEC
Regional radio availability forecast conditions
For detailed conditions and forecasts, visit our CAPS operational website
HF grid
  • Current and predicted communications conditions
    • Red - high frequencies (HF) are unavailable (>22 MHz)
    • Yellow - lowest usable frequency (LUF) and maximum usable frequency (MUF) range is 15-22 MHz
    • Green - LUF-MUF range is 8-15 MHz
    • Blue - LUF-MUF range is 3-8 MHz

    If a communication link is not working at these frequencies, there is a higher probability of malfunctioning equipment and/or jamming as a cause for outage.

Data Files
Current UHF Scintillation
Current L-band Scintillation
Data Files
For detailed conditions and forecasts, visit our CAPS operational website
  • PBMOD UHF Scintillation (pending)